Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Mosin Suppressor

"This suppressor, designed by comrades Barnas and Glinin, has a cigar-like shape (see photo #1) and consists of two parts, connected with a tread at the point of the suppressor where the diameter is the largest.

Photo #1 shows the suppressor."


  1. Sorry to ask so late after publishing article but I have found the blog today and am enchanted by its form and content. But could you dig some material on the suppressor itself, its technical aspects efficency etc.. I am really curious about it and sceptical about it design as if it would be good some US company already would "invent" it and present it as a revolutionary design ;-). Thank you for your work my lack of sleep and overdose of caffeine =D.

  2. same, the site is brilliant, im in love with it but i wish you culd give us more information on this device


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