Thursday, 30 January 2014

Amosov's Commando Carbine

"To Chairman of the Artillery Committee, Major-General of Artillery, comrade V.I. Hohlov

I am forwarding you comrade Amosov's proposal for your consideration. Comrade Amosov, in his letter, proposes the development of a small caliber rifle for use as a support weapon by scouts and partisans. We consider that comrade Amosov overestimates the stopping power of a small caliber rifle, as well as the noiselessness of its shot. We have decided that comrade Amosov's proposal is not worthy of our attention.

If your opinion matches ours, please respond to the author, and send us a copy.

Attachment: letter #8/1916 from February 4th, 1942.

V. Kostygov."

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