Wednesday, 15 January 2014


The following document contains a number of pretty tedious administrative problems with the 20th Tank Brigade, regarding arranging repairs, evacuations, paperwork. Yawn. The last point, however, is more interesting.

CAMD RF 3098-1-10

"Lieutenant-Colonel Bobkov still does not fully devote his attention to rations of his subordinate units, does not pay any attention to the taste of the food. There is a lack of any kind of flavour additions (vinegar, pepper, bayleaf, etc), which was pointed out to him multiple times, but no action was taken.

Colonel Prikolotin
July 7th, 1941"

Prikolotin was not the only one that cared about taste. From Zhukov's memoirs "People of the 40s":

"...Katukov suddenly covered the brigade commander with questions.
"What is for dinner today? Borscht, cutlets, rice porridge, sausages for a snack? Let's try it. Excuse me, where is the mustard on the tables? Where is the pepper? Horseradish? It must be present!""

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